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Possible SUPERNATURAL spinoff would take place in Chicago

It’s been revealed that a possible Supernatural spinoff could take place in the Windy City. 

Next spring the CW plans on airing a test-pilot of sorts—an episode that would function as the spinoff’s pilot, placed as an episode in Supernatural’s upcoming 9th season. The episode would feature a new location (Chicago), and a slew of new characters that would presumably carry the new show. 

The spinoff would reportedly center around “clashing hunter and monster cultures in the Windy City.” (Not much different than Supernatural, eh?) 

Do you want to see a Supernatural spinoff? Personally, as much as I flat out love this show, I would prefer it if the Winchesters road off into the sunset and that was that. I don’t need a Saved by the Bell: The New Class situation going on with a new group of yuppie hunters. 

But what do I know. I’d probably watch it. 


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WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? returning to TV this summer!

10,000 points to rehashing old favorites! 

The CW announced today that fan favorite from years gone by, Whose Line is it Anyway? is being resurrected for our viewing pleasure. 

The comedy sketch show, which ran from 1998-2007, was always wildly hilarious, and until The Price is Right, was the only show I could stand to watch Drew Carey on. 

I’m surprised it’s being brought back on The CW, as sketch shows don’t really seem to be in their wheelhouse. But, I’ll take what I can get! 

Original cast members Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Wayne Brady will be back as the core cast members, with comedian/actress Aisha Tyler joining as host. 

The show will begin airing this summer. 

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WOOT! The Winchesters will live* to see another season. Also, that vampire show that is somehow inexplicably popular also got renewed. But was there even a question that it would be? 

*I’m using that term loosely, as of course we do not know if they’ll actually make it out of season 7 alive. Natch. 

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