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Chris Pratt and Sarah Silverman to host SNL openers

After a lot of speculation, Saturday Night Live finally announced hosts and musical guests for their first two episodes of the upcoming 40th season. 

The biggest star in the world, Chris Pratt, is set to host the first episode of the season with musical guest Ariana Grande (SNOOZE). Following those two for the second episode are host Sarah Silverman and musical guest Maroon 5 (SNOOZE). 

No word yet on whether or not the rumor that Bill Murray is going to host an episode is true or not. FINGERS FUCKING CROSSED, THOUGH. 

Saturday Night Live premieres September 27. 

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Goodbye, good TV: NBC renews PARENTHOOD and PARKS AND REC for truncated final seasons

NBC broke off a little piece of my heart today (okay, two huge pieces) when they announced that both Parenthood and Parks and Recreation have been renewed for their final seasons. FINAL?! Weep. 

Both of these quality television programs will only get 13-episode farewell seasons. Only 13 episodes?! WEEP HARD. 

I’m not totally sure what NBC will do when they lose the best comedy on TV and one of the best dramas on TV simultaneously. But more importantly, I don’t know what I’LL do when they go off the air. What will I do without the Bravermans and my weekly Parenthood cry? How will I cope without Ben + Leslie and Andy + April and motherfucking Ron Swanson?


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First trailer for NBC’s CONSTANTINE looks pretty legit

I am so thrilled that weird, insane, macabre supernatural shit is getting popular on TV! 

Behold the first trailer for NBC’s ambitious new series Constantine. Yes, based on the same story-ish as the Keanu Reeves film.

Are you as excited as I am? Because YES! Let’s just hope this isn’t as emo and snooze-inducing as their Dracula series that just got canceled. 

Constantine premieres this fall and it appears it will be airing on Fridays, likely following Grimm while Hannibal hybernates until mid-season. Meaning Fridays will continue to be my favorite night of TV for weird ass shit. Score! 

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CROSSBONES trailer: Somehow there’s a pirate show coming to NBC and it stars John Malkovich

I’ll just leave these hypothetical headlines here for when this show is inevitably canceled. 

Crossbones sinks in dismal network premiere”

"Malkovich walks the plank of his career with Crossbones

"This ship had sailed: Why NBC’s Crossbones is doomed”

Crossbones is NBC’s latest sinking ship”

"Bad booty: Crossbones premieres to tepid ratings”

"Blackbeard bites the dust: NBC cancels Crossbones

Crossbones can’t keep it’s head above water”

Crossbones waves goodbye: NBC cancels Malkovich’s pirate opus after just 3 episodes”

"Sink, sank, sunk: Crossbones canceled” 

"Bye, bye Blackbeard"

"Watch Crossbones sail away: NBC to air final episodes online after cancelation”

Crossbones is officially shipwrecked” 

"Cast away the dreadful Crossbones

(Seriously, I could go all day.)

Crossbones unbelievably premiers on NBC May 30. 

(And, for the record, if this show were premiering on AMC or HBO or Showtime, I’d be all over it.) 

(And, for the record x 2, even though I think this is going to be a real s(t)inker, I’m totally gonna watch it.)


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Watch promos for the new late night lineup with Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers

Late night just got way hotter. There are so many men on late night that I want to watch (Conan, Seth, Jimmy, Dave) I really don’t know how I’m going to balance my allegiance to all of them. 


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Best sketches from Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s practically perfect SNL

I’ll just leave these here. I literally was so thoroughly excited and pleased with 90% of Saturday Night Live last night that I can’t really put it into words anyway. IT WAS JUST SO MUCH GOOD. 


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Watch the excellent brand new trailer for COMMUNITY season 5

The first full-length trailer for the brand new season of Community has hit the interwebs! 

Watch on as the trademark cheekiness and meta-on-meta layers of hilarity delight your senses.

Noticeably absent is Chevy Chase, as is the idea that Community would ever try to tone it down in order to gain more viewers. (Thank god!) It seems like they are fully-prepared to go balls to the wall, and the end result looks amazing. Not to mention, with the return of Dan Harmon as EP, I think this 5th season of Community has a lot of potential yet. 

Six seasons and a movie! 

The 5th season of Community premieres on NBC Jan. 2. 

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SNL’s best sketch: A very Wes Anderson Halloween

The Edward Norton episode was at best, mediocre. There were a few solid moments, but the peak of the episode was without a doubt the perfectly executed Wes Anderson horror movie trailer. 

Watch below! Hysterical AND accurate. Love. 

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COMMUNITY season 5 gets a premiere date

Believe it or not, NBC really did make another season of Community, and they actually decided to air it. 

The fifth season of Community will premiere Jan 2, 2014. It will slide back into its Thursday night slot at 7pm to head off the comedy block, followed by Parks and Rec. 

No word on whether or not this entire season will take place in the darkest timeline, seeing as how Donald Glover is leaving and Chevy Chase has been long gone. Stay tuned. 

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Dreams do come true: Nathan Fillion to guest star on COMMUNITY

Because this literally makes the most sense out of ALL THE THINGS. 

Resident nerd king Nathan Fillion is set to guest star on the upcoming season of Community. He’ll play the head of the custodian team who faces off against Annie (for some reason). Here’s hoping there’ at least 10 Firefly or Whedon references. 

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Tina Fey and her 30 ROCK team to helm new female-centric comedy for NBC

TIna Fey is at it again: she’s on track to produce a new female-centric workplace comedy for NBC. She’ll tackle the new show with her 30 Rock showrunner Robert Carlock and writer-producer Coleen McGuinness. 

A new show created by Fey to fill the post-30 Rock void? SIGN ME UP. 

No other details have emerged except for the rather vague logline:in the vein of Cheers, is a character-driven workplace comedy where a young woman in search of reconnecting with her father finds a new home and family on Fire Island.”  (via Deadline) 

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Donald Glover is getting his own comedy show on FX

Still having not had time to mourn the news that my beloved Troy will be leaving Greendale forever, I report on this news with a heavy heart. 

The amazingly talented Donaold Glover, who will bow out of NBC’s Community in the 5th episode of the upcoming season, has signed on to write, produce, and star in a new comedy for FX entitled Atlanta

The show will focus on the music scene of the Georgia hotspot and will see Glover pulling from his childhood growing up in the musically-inclined city. 

Though Community won’t be the same without him, I do wish him all the luck with this new endeavor. I’m sure I’ll watch it. (Unless the first trailer looks like the trailer for Charlie Sheen’s FX comedy, in which case I’ll just crawl up in a ball and cry.) 

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Watch the first teaser for the new season of NBC’s PARENTHOOD

It must be the day for far-too-brief teaser trailers. 

NBC has released the first teaser for the new season of Parenthood, and though it doesn’t reveal anything new—Amber wants to marry Ryan, Ray Romano has resurfaced, Crosby’s having a baby—it’s still so nice to see the Braverman clan again! 

This show is, like it’s creator’s previous project Friday Night Lights, so very underrated. But I am so glad to see that it still have life and more importantly, that’s it’s been moved to Thursday nights! Hopefully it can fill the post-ER void for quality 9pm Thursday programming that NBC so desperately craves. 

Parenthood’s fifth season premieres September 26. Get the tissues ready. 

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The darkest timeline: Donald Glover not returning full-time to COMMUNITY season 5



Vulture broke the horrific news today: Donald Glover has decided not to return to Community full-time for the show’s fifth season. 

That sound you hear is the collective weeping of Troy & Abed fans worldwide. 


Glover will only appear in five—FIVE—of the scheduled 13 episodes for the upcoming season. 

What does this mean for Troy & Abed? Will they cook up some half-baked reason he’s missing most of the time? A “sick aunt,” a “camp,” or a “different school.” (Knowing this show it will be much more ridiculous than that—at least we can hope it is.)

This comes as a surprise seeing as how the show might have actually been able to get back on track with showrunner Dan Harmon back at the helm. This is certainly not going to make that any easier. 


My heart aches with this news; Donald Glover is riotously hilarious as Troy. It must be nice to be a hot commodity in Hollywood, though; word on the street is he’s forgoing more Community to focus on his burgeoning rap career as alter-ego Childish Gambino (which I fully support, btw), and likely more comedy developments with various networks. 

We’ll miss you Troy. 


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Ben Affleck manages to make it through a hilarious and sentimental SNL


Before last night, I was trying to remember the last time Ben Affleck hosted SNL. And while specifics wouldn’t come to mind, the only thing that did stick out was his inability read cue cards smoothly. I vaguely remembered that he was just plain awful at reading them. Flash forward to his 5th time hosting (I know, I can’t believe it either), and the story is no different. While he gives it everything he’s got, he’s still just a stammering, flubbing host throughout many of his sketches. 

That’s not to say that he didn’t go a good job despite that flaw. Last night’s SNL was actually pretty darn good. It was riotously funny at times, and hilariously poignant at others. We said goodbye to some dear friends, and I can’t help but be curious about the future of SNL now that they’ve left. 

The show started off on a great foot with the cold open, something I can’t say is always the case. Kenan Thompson killed it as a defiantly stupid Al Sharpton, and the result was a hilarious, short but sweet opening to a great show. 

Ben’s monologue was mediocre, but it was boosted by a lovely visit from his darling wife Jennifer Garner. I had already forgotten about the “love is work” comment or whatever he said during his Oscar acceptance speech, but the joke still played all right. I do think it would have been amazing if they had gotten a few more specials guests for him, though. 

The predictable Argo-spoof sketch was first out of the gate, and it was not bad! The gag that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had to say “park the car in Harvard yard” before every line to find the Boston accent was hysterical. And I won’t ruin the best punchline of the entire evening for you, so watch the sketch and see for yourself. 1000+ points to Ben Affleck for that one. 

The only fauxmerical of the night was BRILLIANT. It was for Xanax for Gay Summer Weddings. And aside from being crazy accurate, it was just plain funny. The stress that you feel from attending a perfect wedding, knowing that you can’t compete? There’s Xanax for Gay Summer Weddings for that. 

The only sketch that seemed very ill-placed and subpar was a Depression-era sketch that was about…..bad people? Prostitutes? I’m still note really sure, because it was so strange. It seemed like the type of one-off weirdo sketch that would show up at the end of the night. You can skip this one unless you want to see Ben Affleck’s Jimmy Stewart impression. (Like I said, you can probably skip it.) 

One of the funnier sketches of the night was about a New Beginners camp gay teens—you know, the ‘let’s make you straight’ camps. Ben Affleck was great as the camp’s head counselor who was obviously still gay. Also, Bobby Moynihan’s killer flamboyance was to die for. But the MVP was once again my favorite person on the show, Taran Killam. I thought they were going to take it a little bit farther than they did (I would have really liked to have seen those two kiss), but it still worked for me for the most part. (This one isn’t online yet.) 

Weekend Update was the obvious highlight of the night. The amazing, incomparable, brilliantly talented Amy Poehler made her way back to the Update desk for a quick REALLY?!?! segment with Seth. And then to the delight of literally every good human being on the planet, she stuck around for the rest of Update and reprised her role as Seth’s co-anchor. It was beyond enjoyable. 

But the biggest moment from Update was of course, the final visit and farewell sendoff for our dear Stefon. This farewell was, in a word, amazing. The whole bit was perfect for Stefon, perfect for Bill Hader, and perfect for the show. I don’t really want to spoil it for you, but know that while it’s hysterically funny, it’s also pointedly sentimental, but in the best possible way. Please, do yourself a favor and watch it now. 

Ben Affleck then treated us to the Spanish accent he’s been waiting to try out in a mildly funny sketch about faking his own death. The funniest part was really just hearing Affleck talk with that accent, because the actual plot of the sketch was pretty forgettable. 

So it got to be the end of the night, and things go really good. In a strange but side-splitting sketch about cops trying to wish their daughter/niece/sister/friend a happy engagement, the standout MVP was once again Taran Killam. The joke that all these men can’t vocalize their emotions was nothing new, but the way in which they all committed to it was great. But seriously, if you don’t laugh at Killam, there’s something really wrong with you. (This sketch isn’t available online yet.)

But the real money shot was another installment of Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong selling luxury items (in the past it was Swarovski crystals and champagne). This time around it was Hermes handbags and MAN was it funny. I don’t think they will ever be able to top the original Swarovski crystals, but this one was pretty good. And Ben Affleck was actually pretty solid in this one too. 

The night ended with another poignant farewell. Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, and Taran Killam all joined in song as a Brit punk group to sing “It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day Today.” It was at first strange, and then sad, and then lovely, and then surprise! guest stars!, and then sad again. Armisen has been on the show for 11 years! That’s kind of crazy when you think that there are only like, 3 other people who have stayed on SNL longer. His farewell song was nice, but not as emotional as it could have been. 

I don’t like Kanye West so I barely watched his performances. So there. 

That’s it for this season! SNL is now in a state of transition; Hader and Armisen are out after a decade of amazing recurring characters and memorable impressions. Sudeikis, I fear, is soon to follow, and Seth Meyers will be out of there in 2014 when he succeeds Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. I think this gives Taran Killam the room he needs to really soar (as if he hasn’t already), and for the ladies to really get more opportunities. We’ll see what happens next season. 

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