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Listen to two previously unreleased Adele songs, weep forever


Fresh on the heels of an announcement  After four years with nothing but a cryptic tweet in May, we now have two brand new previously unreleased songs from our beloved Adele. 

The two beautiful tracks are said to have been recorded during her 21 sessions, but were chosen to remain unreleased. 

Take a listen to “Never Gonna Leave You” (below) and “You’ll Never See Me Again” (link here because the Internet hates me and I can’t find a good embed yet) and remember that we *should* be expecting her new album, 25, sometime later this year. 

If you listen closely to “Never Gonna Leave You” you might recognize some lyrics that ended up on “Set Fire to the Rain.”

September 2, 2014 VIEW POST

Taylor Swift announces brand new album, releases first single + video


Taylor Swift announced today that she will be releasing her fifth studio album on October 27, entitled 1989. (Seems reminiscent of Adele’s theme of naming her albums after the age she was when she made them, but I’ll let it slide.) 

Swift also released the first single and video off the album, this little gem called “Shake It Off.” It’s about haters hatin’ and people just not understandin’ our dear T. Swift. 

Watch the video below and behold the definitive proof that Swift has pretty much dropped all pretenses that she’s still just a country crooner with a pop princess streak and embraced the fact that she’s a bonafide KISS FM queen at this point. 

August 18, 2014 VIEW POST

Bad taste or pretty cool? Watch the official “LOVE NEVER FELT SO GOOD” music video

In a weird way it’s like I’m mesmerized by Justin Timberlake and the crazy kids performing Michael Jackson’s signature moves. But in another, harder to describe way, I am kind of weirded out by A) hearing MJ’s voice again, and B) having those crazy kids also lip sync his lyrics. 

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Creeped out? Don’t care? 

Side note: Justin Timberlake looks fly as fuck. Well done, sir. 

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Coldplay announce new album to hit stores in May

Coldplay announced today that their sixth studio album, Ghost Stories, will drop on May 19! 

The British rockers dropped the new single “Magic” in conjunction with the news, after dropping the first single from the new album last week entitled “Midnight.” 

Take a listen to new new singles below. 

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Daft Punk announce first live appearance in years will be at 2014 GRAMMYS


After the smash success of their latest album, Random Access Memories, the mysterious French duo has announced they will finally be performing some of that music live at the 2014 Grammy Awards. 

The band last performed live at the Grammys way back in 2008. 

This performance is said to be in the same collaborative vein as that performance, in which they joined Kanye West on stage for his performance of “Stronger.” 

December 19, 2013 VIEW POST

Prince (yes, THAT Prince) will star on an episode of NEW GIRL!

Apparently, the artist known as Prince is a huge fan of Fox’s New Girl. Who knew? 

Word on the street is that Prince is such a big fan of the Tuesday night comedy that he pitched an idea for a episode for him to guest star on that is based off his legendary all-night house parties. Still with me? 

Prince pitched the idea to the show’s creators, and they OBVIOUSLY were on board. The mysterious musician will make his TV debut in the Feb. 2 episode of New Girl following the Super Bowl. 


December 12, 2013 VIEW POST

Lily Allen makes a triumphant return with brilliant new anthem, “Hard Out Here (for a Bitch)”

That sound you here is me clicking the repeat button ALL DAY LONG. 

After a generous break out of the spotlight, Brit femme fatale Lilly Allen is back at it and in a big way. Today she released the video for her brand new single “Hard Out Here.” 

Though the hook reads “Forget your balls and grow a pair of tits/It’s hard, it’s hard, it’s hard out here for a bitch,” the tune has some brilliant cheeky call outs for the shitshow that is the American media. Allen rips the industry a new one, and rightfully so. She was publicly humiliated because of her weight (during two pregnancies), so who better than to put on a show tearing into those types of assholes than her. She does it with panache, and her nods to the sexist ways of Hollywood are so on the nose it’s almost painful. 

Lines like “you’ll find me in the studio, not in the kitchen” and “don’t need to shake my ass for you ‘cause I’ve got a brain,” and “if I told you ‘bout my sex life, you’d call me a slut/but when boys be talking ‘bout there bitches no one’s making a fuss” are scathingly accurate.

Allen is fantastically unashamed at pinpointing the rampant sexism in the industry, and she does it all too a catchy beat while looking FLY as hell. The song is bloody brilliant and I’m sharing it with all the ladies in my life.

Go Lilly! This is the fucking best. 


November 12, 2013 VIEW POST

Internet find, Tuesday: This delightful Disney medley will make your whole damn day

No but seriously, I dare you to listen to this and not get all nostalgic and goosebumpy. 

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Childish Gambino announces new album with brand new teaser

Though I’m pretty upset about Glover’s departure from Community, I know it’s in large part due to his blossoming rap career so I can’t be that mad. 

I think. 

Childish Gambino’s new album Because the Internet, drops this winter. Whet your appetite with this catchy and delightful little teaser. I like this little taste. I like it a lot. 

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N*Sync to reunite at MTV Video Music Awards

Well slap my ass and call me Fatone. 

Shortly after it was announced that Justin Timberlake would be receiving the Video Vanguard award at this weekend’s MTV Video Music Awards, it was revealed that his old crew will be reuniting with him on stage for a "reunion performance." 

Though never in my wildest dreams did I ever think N*Sync would get back together, I am beyond thrilled that we will finally get to see what sulking about Timberlake’s success in the dark shadows of forgotten fame has done to JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Lance Bass. 

Timberlake has usurped them the “Swag As Fuck” category in every possible way, but it will still be cool to see them all together once again. Even if their appearance is sure to make you feel old as hell when you realize Joey Fatone is 41 YEARS OLD. 


The MTV Video Music Awards air Aug. 25th. 

August 20, 2013 VIEW POST

Watch the video premiere for Kings of Leon’s “Supersoaker”

Rockers Kings of Leon released a brand new video for the first single off their upcoming album today, and it’s just lovely. 

Watch the video below for “Supersoaker” and enjoy seeing those faces again. After the drama that has unfolded over the past couple of years, it’s really good to see them looking so good in this new video. 

They also revealed the cover art for Mechanical Bull (photo above). 

All in all, it’s good to see those familiar faces and I can’t wait for the album to drop on September 24. 

Welcome back, boys! 

August 6, 2013 VIEW POST

Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Will Forte, and Ed Helms hilariously star in new Mumford & Sons video

Mumford and Sons released a new video for their latest single “Hopeless Wanderer” and it’s pretty much the best video they’ve ever done. Seriously. 

Check out the video below and tell me that Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms, Will Forte, and Jason Bateman as the 4 folksy singers isn’t the best thing you’ll watch all day.

I dare you.


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Listen to Childish Gambino’s brand new single, “Centipede”

Oh hello sweet friend. Welcome back. 

July 23, 2013 VIEW POST

Listen to the brand new single from Justin Timberlake, “Take Back the Night”

It’s thumpin’, it’s pumpin’, it’s hot. 

Justin Timberlake released his brand new single from his upcoming second installment of The 20/20 Experience, “Take Back the Night.” 



The 20/20 Experience Part 2 drops Sept. 30. 

July 12, 2013 VIEW POST

Justin Timberlake teases new song as THE 20/20 EXPERIENCE continues


Hot damn. As revealed earlier this year, Justin Timberlake’s epic return to music is not over yet. 

The 20/20 Experience, which dropped on March 19, continues on September 30 with a second album. 

In this coy video, JT hints at a new song and the new album in signature tease fashion. While he won’t tell us yet when the new single “Take Back the Night” will drop, he does give us a nice little taste as to what that sounds like. And it sounds good. 

The second volume of The 20/20 Experience drops September 30. 

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