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Best sketches from Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s practically perfect SNL

I’ll just leave these here. I literally was so thoroughly excited and pleased with 90% of Saturday Night Live last night that I can’t really put it into words anyway. IT WAS JUST SO MUCH GOOD. 


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Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, Paul Rudd and more to guest on SNL this December

Let the Christmas angels rejoice! 

Saturday Night Live has announced a slew of fantastic hosts and musical guests for the month of December! 

On December 7, Paul Rudd will return to host SNL for the third time. Joining him will be musical guest One Direction (I don’t even with that—do not ask). 

December 14 will see John Goodman hosting at Studio 8H for the 13th time with musical guest Kings of Leon, who will be making their third appearance. 

And to finish out the year with what will hopefully be another brilliant Christmas SNL, Jimmy Fallon will continue the bromance to end all bromances as he hosts with his BFF Justin Timberlake as musical guest! 

December is looking up! (Except for that One Direction stuff, still not okay with that.) 

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Justin Timberlake’s SNL promos are the only promos you’ll ever need


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Best news of the day: Justin Timberlake to pull double duty for SNL March 9!


Holla holla holla halleluja! 

SNL decided to do the only thing that makes sense, and announced today that brilliant host and wearer of dapper duds Justin Timberlake will be back as both host and musical guest for the March 9 episode. 

I’m not gonna say that I was responsible for this, (see my future-predicting tweet below), but I’m going to say that I was responsible for this. 

Considering how I could give a crap less about Kevin Hart’s hosting gig, and several of the last hosts have underperformed, you bet your ass I’m more than stoked at JT’s return. He is one of the best hosts the show has ever seen, and it’s been a nice long time since we’ve seen him bring it on down in an ill-fitting food outfit. I just hope we get some sort of musical short with this episode, as that would be a SEVERE missed opportunity if not. 

Can’t wait till March 9! 

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