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Final IRON MAN 3 trailer is here

Sad times are ahead for our favorit iron-clad hero. Hope this is better than that piece of shit second installment.

(But really, who “can’t live without” Gwenyth Paltrow? Let’s be real, RDJ.) 

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First full-length IRON MAN 3 trailer is here!

Goosebumps you guys. 

After the awful second installment that was Iron Man 2, I have all but given up on this franchise. But I’ll eat a big ol’ bowl of crow if Iron Man 3 turns out to be as good as this trailer suggests. 

In a noticeably darker new trailer, the third installment looks to be worlds beyond Iron Man 2. It looks like what I wanted Iron Man 2 to be—gritty, dark, epic. 

Feast your eyes on the truly glorious new trailer for Iron Man 3, and feel your faith in this series be restored, if only momentarily, with the thought that HELL YEAH, this one’s gonna be good. 

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First photo from IRON MAN 3


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