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Final IRON MAN 3 trailer is here

Sad times are ahead for our favorit iron-clad hero. Hope this is better than that piece of shit second installment.

(But really, who “can’t live without” Gwenyth Paltrow? Let’s be real, RDJ.) 

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Paltrow, Witherspoon, Diaz, Beyonce, & The Lonely Island team for new musical


You heard that right. 

Deadline is reporting that the trifecta of blonde—Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz (FUG ALERT), and Gwenyth Paltrow met with Glee creator Ryan Murphy recently, and they all just up and decided that they should do a musical movie together. Oh, and that The Lonely Island would create the songs. Here’s what Vulture has to say about the plot: 

"…One Hit Wonders, which will star the three A-listers as nineties recording artists, who, having fallen on hard times, decide to form a super-group together.”

Sounds kind of like a train wreck, in my opinion. The only thing I like about it are the fact that the songs might be hilariously awesome, thanks to TLI. And I like Witherspoon and Beyonce. But I Loathe with a capital L that Diaz hoebag, and Gwenyth is just so annoying at this point that I kind of tune her out.

But those points aside, I feel this could easily turn into a Rock of Ages shitshow. But I hope not. Who knows.  

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