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Watch the first trailer for DOWNTOWN ABBEY season 4!


The first trailer for Downton Abbey season 4 has been released, and while it tells us basically nothing, I don’t even mind. It’s a lovely trailer that highlights what will be blissful highs and debilitating lows (if it’s anything like season 3) of the new season.

Will Mary find a new love in the wake of her recent tragedy? Will Tom move past Sybil’s death? What on earth kind of shakeup will Downton feel upon the arrival of the first African American visitor? Will the Dowager Countess outdo herself in sass? (the answer to the last questions is obviously yes). 

Find out all that and more when season 4 premieres in September! 


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Paul Giamatti joins DOWNTON ABBEY season 4

Thus is the cruelty of Downton Abbey airing in the UK way before it airs in the US. But who cares because Paul Giamatti is totally in season 4! 

News has leaked that the scruffy Giamatti will appear on the season 4 finale as Cora’s brother. Those of you obsessed with the show might remember that he is the brother who, naturally, has the fortune that could save Downton. Ah, convenient.

But again, who cares! Paul Giamatti!! 

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First photo and lots of casting news for season 4 of DOWNTON ABBEY

My oh MY doesn’t Lady Mary look sad? 


Above is the first official photo from the upcoming fourth season of Downton Abbey. Lady Mary seems to be in mourning as she holds her brand new son (and heir, obvs.) So dark and mysterious. I love it. 

Lots of Downton news has been circulating in the past week or so, and I’ve neglected to really comment on it until now because I knew it would just keep piling up. So here’s a brief recap of what’s been going down across the pond: 

1. First things first—O’Brien is OUT. That’s right, everyone’s favorite love-to-hate ladymaid, Siobahn Finneran, has decided—much like her predecessors Dan Stevens and Jessica Brown Findlay—to leave the series. Unlike Lady Sybil and Matthew Crawley, however, Finneran’s exit will be handled offscreen. Sad. 

2. They’re bring on a ton of new cast members to fill in the holes being left by the rapidly dwindling core cast, too. Most notably, British actor Tom Cullen has been cast as Lord Gillingham, an old childhood friend and suitor for Lady Mary. Let’s see how that goes for Mary in her new Black Widow disposition. 

3. Apparently, the fourth season picks up six months after the events of the season three finale. Sigh. I was really hoping we would be able to experience the immediate turmoil and upheaval that Matthew’s death is sure to have caused. Not to mention, I desperately want to see Lady Mary actually FEEL something, and seeing as how little emotion she showed at HER OWN SISTER’S DEATH, I was excited at the thought that Michelle Dockery might actually have to do some real acting for once. 

4. Shirley MacLaine will be back as Lady Cora’s mother. Holla for the sassy old broads in the house

Stay tuned for what I’m sure will be an endless parade of Downton news until we get to see the fourth season. 

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