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Damon Wayans Jr poised to make return to NEW GIRL

Well, if ever there was a perfect example of a silver lining, this would be it. 

Following the unfortunate (read: fucking extremely unfortunate) demise of ABC’s Happy Endings, funnyman MVP Damon Wayans Jr is rumored to be heading back to FOX’s New Girl to reprise his role of Coach from the pilot. 

Considering Wayans was a standout on Happy Endings, and clearly knows how to play off the rest of an already stellar ensemble, this gets me all warm and fuzzy inside.

He’s said to be returning for a “major season 3” arc. Praise! As if I thought New Girl could get any better. This is monumental, you guys. 

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Dreams do come true: Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson to co-star in buddy cop comedy

My brain is crying with happiness. 

Because the universe clearly wanted the two of them to be together, hilarious sitcom boys Jake Johnson (New Girl) and Damon Wayans Jr (Happy Endings) have been cast to co-star in the buddy cop comedy Let’s Be CopsWhat’s that you say? You didn’t realize you could be this happy? I know. Me either. 

Considering Damon Wayans Jr has been killing it for 2.5 seasons over at the heinously underrated and underwatched Happy Endings, and Johnson is having the season of his life over on New Girl, the idea of the two of them together on the big screen, pretending to be cops, makes me just DIE. I die. It’s just too good. Is there such a thing as too much amazing? If so, I don’t wanna know. 

The film will see the two pranksters playing cops, when of course they find themselves in a bit of a hilarious predicament upon running into real life criminals. 

Can we buy our tickets now? 

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