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Final IRON MAN 3 trailer is here

Sad times are ahead for our favorit iron-clad hero. Hope this is better than that piece of shit second installment.

(But really, who “can’t live without” Gwenyth Paltrow? Let’s be real, RDJ.) 

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First full-length IRON MAN 3 trailer is here!

Goosebumps you guys. 

After the awful second installment that was Iron Man 2, I have all but given up on this franchise. But I’ll eat a big ol’ bowl of crow if Iron Man 3 turns out to be as good as this trailer suggests. 

In a noticeably darker new trailer, the third installment looks to be worlds beyond Iron Man 2. It looks like what I wanted Iron Man 2 to be—gritty, dark, epic. 

Feast your eyes on the truly glorious new trailer for Iron Man 3, and feel your faith in this series be restored, if only momentarily, with the thought that HELL YEAH, this one’s gonna be good. 

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First photo from IRON MAN 3


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Tim Burton may direct PINOCCHIO, wants Robert Downey JR to star

Don’t you scoff just yet. Just picture it—Tim Burton directing, the script by Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller, starring RDJ.

Sounds deliciously good, no?

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Trailer on Tap


New trailer for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows! We see a glimpse of Rachel McAdams in this one, as well as a little bit more story than the first teaser trailer. Though still lots of stuff getting shot at and/or blown up. WOOT. Bring on Moriarty.

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Trailer on Tap


So the first Avengers trailer has come online, and although I pressed play expecting to feel a resounding mmeeeeeehhhhh, the trailer does well to make the film seem a lot more entertaining that any promotion they’ve done leading up to it. I’ve not been shy to hide my apathy towards this movie, even given my crazy infatuation for the incomparable Robert Downey JR and the lovable Mark Ruffalo. That being said, I’m surprised that I finished watching the trailer and thought, “Huh, not bad. Not bad.” I still think it will just be OK. No X-Men: First Class. No Iron Man. No Dark Knight. That’s for certain. And it looks obvious even from the trailer the stand out in acting and hilarity, and who will no doubt steal the show, will be RDJ.

What do you think?

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The Reel: Reveal

The Avengers. I want to be excited about this movie. I really, really do. But the only people who get me all tingly are RDJ, because, well, he’s fucking RDJ! and Mark Ruffalo, because, well, HE’S MAH BOO. (though his pouty face on the cover of Entertainment Weekly has me concerned; Bruce Banner, why you so pouty?)

Here are some new images from a movie I’m very meh about. Which makes me le sad, considering I love comic book shit.





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