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Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton are Moses and Ramses in the first trailer for EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS


The first trailer for Ridley Scott’s Biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings has hit the webs. 

Aside from the fact that the questionable casting for the Egyptians depicted in the film sticks out like a sore thumb (Sigourney Weaver and Joel Edgerton — who are both TOTES white — play Tuya, Ramses’ mother, and Ramses, respectively), I think this has the potential to be…good? That being said, I’m also like, Ridley Scott: yes. Christina Bale: yes. Ancient wars and plagues: yes. But there’s a little part of me that thinks this might also be total shit, a weird hybrid between Passion of the Christ and Troy, which, YIKES. Even if it is Ridley Scott. Biblical and/or ancient civilization movies in general are dicey territories, and there are far more many failures in those categories than successes; for every Passion or The Ten Commandments we get five Alexanders, 10,000 BC, and Troys).

Watch the trailer here, because I can’t seem to find an embed code that wants to work properly for me today.

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See you in 2015, SHERLOCK

BBC One announced today that series 4 of Sherlock will begin filming in 2015. 

So yay, omg, squee, and !!!! if hearing about something that is going to film next year and then probably not premiere until the end of the year or even in 2016 is something you’re into. 

And if you’re counting, 18 months passed between series 2 and series 3, so it looks like they’re just really trying to one up themselves in terms of longest hiatuses between episodes. Congrats, Sherlock. You win. 

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Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy are neighbors in first trailer for ST. VINCENT

Crotchety is the name of the game in the first trailer for St. Vincent. 

Bill Murray stars as Vincent, the grouchy, crotchety, wacky neighbor to new-to-the-neighborhood family of Maggie and Oliver. 

Vincent ends up being Oliver’s quasi-babysitter, which looks as weird and amazing as it sounds. 

The duo of McCarthy and Murray is pretty much all I need as far as deciding factors to go see a movie are concerned. Also, Naomi Watts stars as a Russian stripper and Chris O’Dowd as a priest/teacher. So sign me up! 

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Can this really be true? Tina Fey apparently producing HOCUS POCUS 2

File this under WHAT IN THE WHAT WHAT?! 

There’s a rumor flying around today saying that Tine Fey has signed on to produce a sequel to the 1993 Halloween cult classic Hocus Pocus. I KNOW. BE COOL YOU GUYS. 

A similar rumor floated to the surface in 2012, but was quickly squashed by Disney. But it looks like they might have changed their minds after all and have decided to revisit the story of the Sanderson sisters once more. 

Hypable is reporting that Fey’s production company Little Stranger is taking on the project, but no word yet on any actors or a director getting attached. Fingers crossed that even though they all went *poof* back in 1993, Kathy Najimy, Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker will be back in some capacity, as well as original director Karen Ortega. 

Hypable also has this to say about the plot: 

Currently untitled, the Hocus Pocus sequel looks like it might not be focusing on the Sanderson sisters, but rather will take place years after the first film and revolve around a housewife who is related to them. The housewife teams up with a witch hunter to save her children, who’ve come into some trouble because of a few resurrected witches they encounter while they were out trick-or-treating.

I am equal parts SQQQUUUUEEEEEEEEE AND Hmm, I don’t know if this is such a good idea EVEN THOUGH I love Hocus Pocus more than anything and I love Tina Fey just as much. The October baby and Halloween superfan in me is pretty stoked, so long as this sequel is true to the spirit of the original and not some over-the-top, hokey,  2014 Disney-fied mess. 

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Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy break hearts in the stunning trailer for THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ELEANOR RIGBY

It’s a two-fer kind of Monday as far as fucking great trailers are concerned. 

In the trailer for The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy star as a couple who fall in and out of love, each representing their own side of their love story in different ways. 

What’s interesting about this film is that this trailer only features one part of a three part experiment. Writer/director Ned Benson actually created three different films, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby being the cohesive story that shows both sides of this love. The two others, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her and The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him tells the same story, only this time it’s told from that particular person’s point of view. This trailer alludes to that interesting aspect of storytelling. 

I think it’s a really cool film experiment, and I can’t wait to see this. If the film is half as good as the sublime trailer above, it’s going to be quite a treat. 


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Watch the trailer for Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader’s hilariously heartfelt THE SKELETON TWINS

Holy shit I haven’t seen a trailer that made me want to see a movie this bad in a while. 

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader star in The Skeleton Twins, a Sundance award-winning indie dramedy about two estranged siblings who reunite after 10 years apart. She’s a mildly happy wife who’s not ready to have kids, he’s a sad gay actor who didn’t make it in Hollywood. Throw in a little Ty Burrell and Luke Wilson and you’ve got yourself the makings of a super stellar sibling saga. 

The Skeleton Twins hits theaters later this year. 

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DOCTOR WHO series 8 to premiere Aug. 23 - watch the brand new teaser!

Following in the footsteps of the more than cryptic teaser released back in May, the internet is once again treated to a brand new look at the 12th Doctor in the video below. 

BBC America announced today that the series 8 premiere of Doctor Who, entitled “Deep Breath,” will air Saturday, August 23. Hooray!!

In this new teaser, we here the first words uttered by our new Doctor in a bleak “Am I a good man?” Followed by our first sight of Clara in the new season when she answers, frightened.

Take a look below and get excited for August! (since that’s pretty much the only reason to be excited about August)

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Aubrey Plaza is undead in LIFE AFTER BETH trailer

Aubrey Plaza stars in Life After Beth, a zom-com that centers around a girl who dies only to come back to life as a zombie. But, not your typical zombie, as she at first seems totally normal and only later devolves into a man-eating, rage-inflicted walking corpse. Weird, right? 

Life After Beth also stars Anna Kendrick, Dane DeHaan, Matthew Gray Gubler, Paul Reiser, and Molly Shannon. It looks to be funny and ridiculous and sardonic all at the same time, and the perfect showcase for Plaza’s already perfect deadpan delivery. 

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Steve Martin to return for FATHER OF THE BRIDE sequel about his son’s gay wedding? Not so fast.

It seems as though the rumors might actually (not) be true. Let us state the facts thus far: apparently there is a Father of the Bride sequel in the works, Steve Martin will be returning, and the movie will focus on the younger brother Matty (played by Kieran Culkin in the 1990s films) gettin’ hitched in his very own gay wedding. 

Nikki Finke originally reported that Martin would be returning for the third installment, and that the project already has original director Charles Shyer attached to write and direct.

But Martin was quick to squash all hopes of this being a reality just yet on Twitter: 

While selfishly it would be delightful to see the Banks family on the big screen again, the premise sort of has me worried about stale homophobic jokes and a dad that just can’t seem to understand his son’s choice, dagnabit! Ugh. 

Anyway, maybe this will happen. Maybe it won’t. Who knows. 

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Check out the first photo from AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW!

And it’s Sara Paulson’s conjoined twin characters Bette and Dot! 

Holy shit I can’t wait for this series to start. Shit’s gonna be GOOOOOD. 

American Horror Story: Freak Show premieres this fall. 

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New photos of actors and leaked theme park map from JURASSIC WORLD


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Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie join STAR WARS: EPISODE VII


America’s latest sweetheart (and Oscar winner) Lupita N’yongo has officially joined the cast of JJ Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII. Joining N’yongo is one of my favorite cast members for HBO’s Game of Thrones, Gwendoline Christie, who seems like a stellar casting choice for the space saga. Let’s just hope this doesn’t affect her role on Game of Thrones, because SO HELP ME.

Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters December 2015. 

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