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JURASSIC WORLD debuts first official poster

"The park is open."


October 15, 2014 VIEW POST

Taylor Swift releases brand new single “Out of the Woods”

T. Swift is following in her own footsteps from two years ago when she released the mega-hit Red by releasing a single a week leading up to the album’s release. 

Last night saw the reveal of “Out of the Woods,” a catchy, upbeat pop anthem co-written by fun. band member and Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff. 

It’s pretty fucking good. I do miss the country-sorta-pop hybrid Swift once was, but I am willing to eventually embrace the totally-pop-and-no-country Swift that the 1989 era is ushering in. 

Tune in for a new single next week! 

October 14, 2014 VIEW POST

AMERICAN HORROR STORY renewed for season 5!

Well, not really. This is a no-brainer considering the premiere of Freak Show last week brought in a record 10 million viewers, the most for any episode in the history of FX. 

More nightmares for everyone! Start taking bets now on whether the fifth season will be set in either 1800s London circa Jack the Ripper, or in the future where the main villain is some sort of cyborg. 

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October 12, 2014 VIEW POST

Teaser trailer for Disney’s TOMORROWLAND looks awesome

Damon Lindelof. Brad Bird. George Clooney. 

"Bound by a shared destiny, a teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor embark on a mission to unearth the secrets of a place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory." (via)

Tomorrowland opens in theaters May 22, 2015. 

October 9, 2014 VIEW POST

All-female GHOSTBUSTERS reboot is officially happening


Paul Feig, creator of mega-hit Bridesmaids and the mediocre buddy cop comedy The Heat (but most importantly, Freaks and Geeks) announced today on Twitter that an all-female Ghostbusters reboot is officially a-go after months of speculation. The Heat writer Katie Dippold has been tapped to pen the script. 


While I do think Feig has a knack for comedy — be it awkward, brilliant, or female-driven — I cannot get on board with this reboot. My gripe isn’t that it’s a female version, my gripe is that this franchise should never be rebooted. Period. It’s just not necessary. 

My fear is that it will ruin the franchise, not by being horrible, but by being simply okay. If you’re going to take on a reboot of this magnitude, 30 years later, and by replacing the main characters with women, it’s either got to be the most amazing thing on the planet, or be nothing. 

Who those “hilarious women” will be is still up in the air, but I’d be surprised if Melissa McCarthy’s name didn’t start floating around immediately. 

Are you in support of this? Did we really need a reboot, regardless of what gender fills the main roles? 

All I know is, Harold Ramis would be bummed, that’s for sure. 


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October 6, 2014 VIEW POST

TWIN PEAKS is coming back!

File this under: what the what! 

After rumors started flying around last week about a possible Twin Peaks resurrection, it was confirmed today by Showtime, who released this teaser announcing a Twin Peaks revival to air on their network in 2016.

Showtime revealed the following in an announcement today:

- There will be 9 new episodes! 

- David Lynch and Mark Frost will write and produce all of them! 

- David Lynch will direct all of them! 

- The new episodes will be set in the present day! 

- You will have nightmares! (They didn’t announce this, but I deemed this a necessary addition to this announcement.) 

Twin Peaks will be back on your TV sets in 2016, so start replacing your not-awesomely-retro-anymore Twin Peaks costume now.

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October 2, 2014 VIEW POST

The first teaser trailer for Pixar’s INSIDE OUT is here!

The very first teaser trailer for PIxar’s Inside Out is finally here! 

While it’s not a traditional trailer per se, with the first half comprised of clips from Pixar’s biggest hits, it is the first real look we have gotten at what sounds to be one of Pixar’s more ambitious projects. 

Inside Out is the story of the emotions that live inside one young girl’s head. The official synopsis says: 

“Inside the mind of an 11-year-old named Riley, growing up can be a bumpy road, and it’s no exception for Riley. She is uprooted from her Midwest life when her father starts a new job in San Francisco. Like all of us, Riley is guided by her emotions – Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith).”

It feels like both a totally traditional Pixar film — heartfelt, deep, sincere — and a brand new experiment for the animation powerhouse. 

I don’t know about you, but I am VERY excited about this film! 

Inside Out hits theaters this summer. 


October 2, 2014 VIEW POST

The trailer for INHERENT VICE is finally here and it’s damn fantastic

The Paul Thomas Anderson ’60s flick Inherent Vice finally, FINALLY has a trailer. It’s here. It’s amazing. Rejoice! 

Adapted from the novel of the same name, Inherent Vice stars Joaquin Phoenix as a fantastically sideburned detective surrounded by some even more colorful characters in Reese Witherspoon, Benecio del Toro, and Owen Wilson. 

Following Anderson’s last two films, The Master and There Will Be Blood, this looks to be a fucking romp! Can’t wait. 

Inherent Vice hits theaters this December. 

September 30, 2014 VIEW POST

TRUE DETECTIVE season 2 names new leads in Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell


HBO released an official statement today with a bunch of info on the upcoming second season of True Detective. Feast your eyes (via /film): 

  • Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn have officially joined the cast.
  • Justin Lin (Fast & Furious 6, Fast Five, Fast & Furious) will direct only the first two episodes, so unlike the first season, this season will have multiple directors.
  • The story will follow “Three police officers and a career criminal must navigate a web of conspiracy in the aftermath of a murder.”
  • Colin will play Ray Velcoro, a “compromised detective whose allegiances are torn between his masters in a corrupt police department and the mobster who owns him.”
  • Vince will play Frank Semyon, a “career criminal in danger of losing his empire when his move into legitimate enterprise is upended by murder of a business partner.”
  • The second season will be comprised of eight hour-long episodes.
  • True Detective season 2 will begin production in California later this fall.

I’m a little bummed at the lack of any mention of Cary Fukunaga in connection with season two, but this information will do for now. It’s nice to not only have the two leads announced, but it’s great to get a little more insight into what the actual story will center around. 

Way back when casting rumors first started circulating it was said that this season would have three leads, two male and one female. It seems that it still the case, but that casting hasn’t been firmed up yet. Stay tuned! 

Either way, looks like 2015 will be the year Vince Vaughn finally pays penance for Fred Claus. (And The Internship, and The Dilemma, and Four Christmases, and, well, pretty much everything he’s done since 2007.)

September 23, 2014 VIEW POST

Watch the first trailer for Tim Burton’s BIG EYES with Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz

Feast your normal-sized eyes on the very first trailer for Tim Burton’s latest film, Big Eyes. 

The film stars Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz as Margaret and Walter Keanes, a married couple whose fortune was founded on the false notion that Walter was the real painter of Margaret’s wildly popular paintings. 

The story follows the rise of Margaret’s popularity and the subsequent troubles she had with her husband when he started to take credit for her work. 

The film looks like a more dialed down, less dreamy turn for director Tim Burton, with just a few surreal elements thrown in for good measure. And I think it looks fantastic! 

September 19, 2014 VIEW POST

Nick Frost to guest on DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special

The BBC announced today that perma-nerd Nick Frost is set to appear on the Doctor Who Christmas special at the end of this year. Which is basically the best news I’ve heard in a while.

British nerd head canon exploding k thanks bye

September 19, 2014 VIEW POST

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence together again in SERENA trailer

Paired again in an attempt to take over the world, Silver Linings Playbook co-stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence star in the upcoming Serena, a film centered around conniving entrepreneurs, deep and desperate love, and the lengths some will go to keep what is theirs. 

There’s still no US release date yet, but bet on this hitting theaters this fall, just in time for awards season contention. 

September 12, 2014 VIEW POST